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LTL transport

Delivery is not always urgent. A full semi-trailer is not always necessary. However, the price always matters. To meet your expectations, we offer LTL (less than truckload) transport. We transport goods as added load by collecting them from several loading places and then delivering to various consignees. This enables us to use the whole loading space in an optimal way, plan transport route efficiently and reduce costs. For such transport, we often use trucks, which has a positive impact on delivery time. You do not need to order full loading space on an exclusive basis. Added load will be safely transported to the destination. We specialise in LTL import from the EU states to Poland. We also help Polish exporters. LTL covers various types of smaller goods: single pallets, IBC containers, smaller machines, boxes, bags, tyres, furniture. A goods sender is responsible for the preparation of goods for transport (packaging). Depending on customer requirements, to reduce costs even more, we arrange for the trans-shipment of goods in transit (e.g. from a large truck of 13.6 m to smaller trucks). This helps us manage the means of transport better and often shortens delivery time. LTL transport is offered at places where a large truck may not enter because of weight restrictions. At a customerÔÇÖs request, in order to minimise the risk of damage or loss of goods during trans-shipment, the goods may be transported by means of only one vehicle. We accept orders from 100 kg for LTL or 1 EUR-pallet (80├Ś120 cm). If you have anything unusual to transport, please contact us. We treat every customer individually. If you do not know whether your goods may be delivered where you want by a large truck, write to us, we will check that for you!

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