Our offer

FTL transport

Are you interested in transporting a very large quantity of goods? You will use the whole loading space of our semi-trailers. No problem!

Neither quantity nor time is a problem for us. We have arranged many vehicles for our customers in a short time for removal, transport of exhibits from fairs or delivery of building materials to the construction site. The earlier we know about planned transport, the more convenient offer we are able to prepare!

If you are not, however, interested in renting full truckload and delivery is not urgent, we will meet your expectations! To minimise transport cost and offer an optimal solution, we have supplemented our offer with partial cargo transport. The weight, dimensions and specification of goods do not matter. We book space for your goods, which means that you will pay only for space ordered and used and your goods will be delivered on time! And we will plan how, by the use of one transport line, to combine goods from various senders to various destinations!