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ADR (French L’Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route) means the transport of dangerous materials, i.e. goods that may (or must not) be transported internationally only subject to certain conditions which are described in the ADR Convention ratified by Poland. Detailed information on and legal acts providing for the transport of dangerous goods are available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport: click here.

ADR goods are sensitive goods. Any failure to comply with the safety regulations and rules may cause a threat to a driver’s health (and sometimes life). An accident and a release of a dangerous substance outside the loading space may cause a threat for the natural environment in the contaminated area. Therefore, it is important that such transport is organised by experienced and adequately trained persons. Our employees have all necessary skills to provide you with ADR transport. Our insurance policy includes relevant additional clauses.

Our forwarders will help you to:

  • define ADR classification;
  • define terms and conditions for the road transport of dangerous materials;
    choose relevant means of transport, verify truck accessories in terms of the transport of dangerous materials; we will take care that the driver will be adequately trained;
  • mark goods to be transported appropriately;
  • gather all documents necessary to transport dangerous materials.

In accordance with the ADR convention, there are the following types of dangerous goods:

1 – Explosive substances and articles
2 – Gases
3 – Flammable liquids
4.1 – Flammable solids
4.2 – Substances liable to spontaneous combustion
4.3 – Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
5.1 – Oxidizing substances
5.2 – Organic peroxides
6.1 – Toxic substances
6.2 – Infectious substances
7 – Radioactive material
8 – Corrosive substances
9 – Miscellaneous dangerous substances and articles

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