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Dear customers, we encourage you to fill out the shipment quote form. After providing the necessary data and sending it to us within 24 hours, our employees will become familiar with its content and prepare an individual offer. A guardian will be assigned to you, who will answer all your questions, clarify any doubts and ensure efficient analysis of the offer and implementation of the order following the offer.

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The valuation of transport is a complex process that is difficult to automate. An all-year contract inquiry is priced differently than a one-off transport order with a close delivery date. By completing the form below, we will be able to prepare a personalized offer for you.

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Why is it important to complete the shipment quote form?

Most often, we receive two types of transport inquiries, which we distinguish using the scale of transport volume criteria and the time required to execute the transportation of the given volume. Depending on the type of inquiry, the valuation may be slightly different:

Contract inquiry

In the case of contract inquiry (long-term repetitive cooperation) some of the things that need to be considered include adjusting the availability and type of vehicle in a specified period of time, adjusting the price, which will be resistant to the market situation (including e.g. all fixed costs, vehicle operating costs, drivers’ remuneration, tolls or periodic average fluctuations in fuel prices), preparing an annual load plan, which takes into account rules of transportation around days off and national holidays – tailored to the needs of the sender, their production capacity, as well as securing the return of the car the other way (after all, empty runs are never profitable). We specify the expiry date of the offer acceptance for the query (e.g. 2 weeks or until the end of the tender), we also determine whether to prepare an additional variant with cargo insurance for the Customer, which will additionally secure the value of the cargo in case something unforeseen occurs during transport.

Quote for a one-off transport order

Part of the above procedure obviously coincides with the valuation of a one-off transport order – we check the availability of rolling stock in a given period, we help to match the vehicle appropriate to the size and type of cargo to be transported. We can also flexibly operate on a rate depending on the current economic situation, fuel costs, plan of return loads or the period in which transport is to be carried out (e.g. export from Poland before Christmas may be more expensive due to the limited number of return loads – sometimes postponing the transport by a few days causes large savings for the customer). We can offer cargo insurance for every transported load. It should be remembered that the more time we have to plan the transport carefully, the better rate we can propose. Inquiries from day to day are characterized by an increased risk of higher prices – but this is also not a rule – as an experienced forwarding company, we have several thousand of firms in our database (with whom we cooperate and whose quality was verified by us), which provides us with flexibility in the selection and we make every effort to ensure that the proposed price is optimal and the transport service is provided at the highest level.

Shipment pricing calculator?

If the valuation depended solely on distance, it would be very easy to create a calculator based solely on the € / PLN parameter per load kilometer. This solution, however, is not reliable due to the factors described above, which are only a fragment of things that the forwarder must take into account when preparing a reliable valuation. This cannot be done well without taking into account the current market situation and loading schedules. As the simplest example explaining why automatic valuation calculators do not provide reliable information, we can cite the following, relatively common situation:

A longer route can be cheaper than a shorter one – loading and unloading can take the driver’s working day regardless of the number of kilometers he has traveled for the purposes of the task. Delivery time may depend on the driver’s working hours or unloading windows at the recipient. The car can load in the morning, having only 300 km to cover, but due to the workload at the warehouse, the nearest unloading window will be the next morning. This route may be more expensive than a 500 km route, which can be done on the same day (with loading and unloading).

Again, we encourage you to complete our form so that we can prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

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