We arrange for the transport of single goods of up to 24 tonnes. Depending on the goods specification, we always use optimal means of transport. One, two light pallets? Several boxes? Heavy steel? No problem. Our forwarders will advise you which vehicle should be used and will help you to prepare an order and necessary documentation. They will also take care of the whole transport.

Vehicles which are selected based on our customer needs, include, among others:


Load capacity of up to 1.2 and up to 1.5 tonnes – tilt or isotherm


Sprinter vans with 1,2t load capacity

(Box truck (stiff construction): only back loading / 7 euro pallets)

Small truck with 1,5t load capacity

(4,9m x 2,2m x 2,3m / 10 euro pallets)


Load capacity of up to 5.3 and up to 7 tonnes – tilts or isotherm.

ciezarowka 3t

Lorries up to 3,5t load capacity

(6m x 2,45m x 2,75m / 15 euro pallets)
ciezarowka 6t

Lorries up to 6t load capacity

(7,20m x 2,45m x 2,75m / 18 euro pallets)

Heavy trucks

Load capacity of up to 24 tonnes – tilt, isotherm, including:

  • standard semi-trailers: 13.6 m
  • sets: 7.7 m + 7.7 m
  • mega semi-trailers of 100 m3.

Standard tautliner

(13,6m x 2,44m x 2,75m / up to 24t / 34 euro pallets)

Mega trailer

(13,6m x 2,44m x 3m / up to 24t / 34 euro pallets)

Road train

(7,7m + 7,7m x 2,44m x 2,75m / up to 24t / 38 euro pallets)